About Ilex

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Shown in Matte Black with angled blades

About Ilex

Norwell is the parent company of ILEX Architectural Lighting, a manufacturer and importer of lighting products for the hospitality, commercial, custom and high end residential areas. Located in the same facility as Norwell in East Taunton, Massachusetts the companies continue to expand and grow there capabilities in the lighting industry with the purchase of Custom Metalcraft in January 2016 and Davis Muller lighting acquired in July 2012. The purchase of these companies expands a wider offering of standard product selections and increased capabilities for custom lighting requirements.

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Ilex Custom

As ILEX Architectural Lighting merges the two companies into the ILEX brand, company will continue to offer highly knowledgeable customer service, an in-house engineering department, and a team of lighting experts who bring more than 100 years of combined experience. This experience allows ILEX to develop and produce product for both large and small projects, at competitive pricing.

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